Movep 2016 will take place at DIBRIS Valletta Puggia, Via Dodecaneso, 35, 16146 Genova, Italy.

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Information on Genova Visit Genoa!


How to reach the department by bus 

Genova has two main railway stations: Genova Piazza Principe (close to the historical center) and Genova Brignole (close to the modern part of the town, east of Principe, and closer to the Department). Directions for the two railway stations can be found in any reasonable map.

How to reach Hotel La Capannina

Hotel La Capannina is closer to Brignole train station. If you arrive elsewhere in Genova, make sure to get to Brignole train station, you can get most of the buses just in front of the station. There you can take bus 31 that stops very close to the hotel (stop Cavallotti 1/De Gasperi). See the map for further details.

How to reach the department from Hotel La Capannina

By walking, the Deparment is roughly 20 min distant from Hotel La Capannina (see the map for the possible routes).


Alternatively, the fastest route by bus is taking bus 42 until stop "Orsini 2/Parodi" and walk towards the department (see the map below).

How to reach the department from Genova Brignole
The location of DIBRIS in Genoa is given by the following map showing the path from Genova Brignole to our department.
The department can be reached by bus in about 15 minutes:

  1. either taking bus n. 17, 17/ or 17//
  2. or taking bus n. 18, 45, 85, 86 or 87

Buses 17, 17/ and 17//   follow the shortest route to the department.
However,  the bus stop of the other lines is sligthly closer to the department.

All buses stop in Piazza Giuseppe Verdi, the square in front of the railway station, and you should go east (to the left, when looking at the square from the station exit )
More details below.

1) Bus lines 17, 17/, 17//

At the fourth platform (direction San Martino), you will find the bus lines 17, 17/, and 17//.
To see where to get off the bus, look at the more detailed map and read the instructions below:

  1. You have to get off the bus near the Ospedale San Martino, at the first stop in Corso Europa. The bus stop is the first after the end of Corso Gastaldi. It is easy to tell when you are on Corso Gastaldi: it is a large double-lane road which climbs up, leaving the railroad tracks on its left. It ends just after the tracks disappear. At that point you may ring the bell to request the bus stop.
  2. Walk back along the road for some 50 meters, then take the steps on your left (Salita Papigliano).
  3. Cross the first road you meet, Via San Martino
  4. Climb up along Via Papigliano, to reach Via Padre Semeria, a small lane enclosed by high walls.
  5. In front of you, on the rigth, you will see a gate (open from 8:00 to 19:00 Monday-Friday); go through it and follow the path.
  6. When you reach the bottom on the first flight of stairs, you will see our building in front of you.

Follow the virtual guide to see steps ii to vi above.


2) By bus 18 (NOT 18/), 45, 85, 86, 87

Bus 18 stops at the second platform (direction San Martino) away from the station.
The other buses leave from a platform in the middle of the small garden in front of the station.
You have to get off the bus at the second stop in Via San Martino.

To recognize the right bus stop, look at the more detailed map and read the instructions below:

  1. If you are on bus 18, eventually your bus will be climbing Via Torti, then it will turn left in Corso Gastaldi.
    If you are on bus 45, then your bus will just go through Corso Gastaldi.
  2. In both cases, your bus will stop at the beginning of Via San Martino and then climb up Via San Martino, leaving a four lanes road (Corso Europa) on the left.
  3. You have to get off the bus at the next stop
  4. From the bus stop, walk back some 30 meters (raching a Skoda car showroom) and then turn on the left on Via Papigliano.
  5. Climb up along Via Papigliano, to reach Via Padre Semeria, a small lane enclosed by high walls.
  6. In front of you, on the rigth, you will see a gate (open from 8:00 to 19:00 Monday-Friday); go through it and follow the path.
  7. When you reach the bottom on the first flight of stairs, you will see our building in front of you.

Follow the virtual guide, skipping the first two steps, to see how to reach the department from the bus stop.


How to reach the department from Genova Piazza Principe

During rush hours it is advisable to take a train to Brignole and then take a bus (see how to reach DIBRIS from Brignole).
Any train leaving Principe and going "east" will stop in Brignole; the trip will take less than 10 minutes; see below for tickets.

Alternatively, there is a direct bus: n. 18 (NOT 18/).

The bus stop is just outside the railway station , but on the opposite side (corner Piazza Acquaverde and Via Balbi).
The bus will take you to Brignole first (no escape !!), so for details about getting off the bus and what to do next see how to reach DIBRIS from Brignole.

Bus (and train) tickets
Tickets can be bought at newspaper kiosks, or in stores with "a white T against a black background" sign. You can buy tickets on the bus only after 8 p.m.
Bus tickets (better: single fare bus tickets) cost 1.50 Euro and can be used on buses and on trains in the metropolitan area (which includes Principe, Brignole and DIBRIS).
Tickets must be "stamped" at the beginning of the trip and then they are valid for 90 minutes, for any number of bus trips and just one train trip. More precisely:
the "stamping machines" are small yellow/orange machines; there is at least one on every bus and several scattered around the railway stations;
the first time you take a bus you stamp the ticket on the side labeled: Convalida sui mezzi AMT;
if you take a train, you must stamp the ticket at the train station and on the side labeled:Convalida per viaggio FS. Please visit the Azienda Mobilita' Trasporti website for up-to-date information on prices and itineraries of the public transportation system. You may want to tryTripmanager to plan your travel in Genova and Liguria by using public transportation (train, coach, metro, bus).


How to reach the department by car

  1. Get off the highway in Genova Nervi (A12) direction Genova-Livorno
  2. Follow the direction for the city center (Centro)
  3. Stay on the main road (Corso Europa with 2 lanes) until the road changes name to Corso Gastaldi (just after Ospedale San Martino)
    (see map and itinerary Corso Europa-via Corridoni from Google Maps).
  4. When Corso Gastaldi starts going downhill, take the left lane and turn left at the first traffic light, to Via Corridoni: it is the first crossroad where you can turn left
  5. Follow Via Corridoni, it changes into Via Monte Zovetto, then Via Perosio, going uphill for 50 meters. Via Perosio takes you to piazza Leonardo da Vinci.
  6. Turn left to Via Boselli.
    (see map and itinerary via Corridoni-via Boselli from Google Maps).
  7. At the first traffic light turn left, climb up a short road and then turn left again into Via Pisa.
  8. From Via Pisa, a small road with shops on both sides, take the second right : Via Flora.
  9. Follow Via Flora and then Via Dodecaneso until it ends, i. e. till you reach the gate of the campus. DIBRIS is at the end of the access lane, some 500 meters from the gate
    (see map and itinerary via Boselli-DIBRIS from Google Maps).

How to reach Genova

It is pointless to replicate information that can be easily found on the web by using a good searching engine, so here we give just a few tips and hints.
The most important, if you travel by train or plane: make sure you get a ticket for Genova - Italy and not for Geneva - Switzerland.

By train
The main railway stations are Genova Porta Principe and Genova Brignole (closer to DIBRIS). For most on line timetables (for instance the timetable of the Italian Railways and Tripmanager) "Genova" is equivalent to "Genova Porta Principe".
Rougly speaking: all trains reaching Genova from West, North and North-East stop in Principe; some will also proceed and stop in Brignole; all trains reaching Genova from East stop in Brignole; most of them will also proceed to Principe.

By plane
There is just one airport in Genova: Cristoforo Colombo
It is located on the west side of the town, 6 km from the center of the town. There is a bus (n. 100 "Volabus") connecting the airport to the station Genova Porta Principe. Rougly, there is a bus every hour. For more information on Volabus tickets and prices see Azienda Mobilita' Trasporti home page.

By car
There are motorways connecting Genova to other destinations which are in turn connected with the Italian and European network. Please visit the APT (Genoa Turistic Board), Comune di Genova, or Google Maps website for more detailed information. 

By coach from a different airport
Daily connections between Piazza della Vittoria and the airports of Nice (France) and Milano Malpensa (Italy) are available.
Piazza della Vittoria is very close to the railway station Genova Brignole from where city buses go to the center.
For further information, plese ask Agenzia Volpi (tel: +39-010-586511/581594).