Automated Software Analysis

Andreas Podelski

Freiburg University, Germany


Slides part I PDF

Slides part II PDF

Control of Probabilistic Systems under Partial Observation

 Nathaline Bertrand

Inria Rennes, France

Slides PDF

Handsout in French PDF

Stochastic Games with Finite and Infinite Arena

Tony Kucera

Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic


Slides PDF

Verification of Infinite-state Systems

Parosh Abdulla
Uppsala University, Sweden


Well-structured Transition Systems:

Decidability and Complexity

Philippe Schnoebelen

LSV Cachan, Paris, France

Slides PDF

Other links

Algorithmic Aspects of WQO Theory,
Lecture notes, 2013, (111 pages), available at

The Power of Well-Structured Systems.
Invited lecture, CONCUR'13, LNCS 8052, pages 5-24, available at



Search based test-case generation

Paolo Tonella

FBK - Trento

Slides PDF


How do we get inductive invariants automatically

David Monniaux

CNRS-Verimag, France


Slides PDF

 Interval Temporal Logic:

Satisfiability and Model Checking

Angelo Montanari 

Università di Udine, Italy



-part I: PDF
-part II:  PDF

Tree Automata and Tree Transducers

Jean-Marc Talbot

Aix-Marseille University, France